Whether you are using Outlook Mail for business or promotional purposes, it is important to make sure about the mailing security. Since the inception of webmail to now, all the major mailing issues are regarding the security. The mailing organizations periodically sending updates to its subscribers regarding its safety and security features, but most of the users are neglecting or didn’t bothering about the safety updates from the email organizations hence there are chances to become mailing vulnerable. Around 70% email accounts are having malicious links- a survey report says to keep your account secure users need to Outlook mail customer support number which can be best outlook mail technical support for users.

The purpose of email accounts is not only for mailing or messaging, but also it is used as reference link for banking and shopping statements. In such a scenario, the users make sure that the email address they using are safer and secure to use.

Outlook Mail Technical Support Help to Secure Account

The outlook mail users can follow the guidelines given below, which is syndicated from the Outlook mail customer support page link. Outlook Webmail was started by Microsoft Inc as Hotmail and later they re-branded it to Outlook Mail. Before talking about the safety mailing tips, we want to say the users that never confuse with Outlook Mail and Office outlook application. Both are the products of Microsoft Inc, but have much functional difference. Outlook mail is a free web-based email whereas the Microsoft Outlook Application is an email client, which can be configured with any webmail that having POP/IMAP account.

As this discussion is regarding the mailing security, here we want to emphasis first about the mail password. To access any web account, password is essential. So, if your mail password is vulnerable, then there are chances of losing the email data. To avoid such a weird situation, we suggests for checking strengthens level of the password before configuring it. You can analyze the strength level of password, in your email password configuration space. The red-indication there shown that the password you configured is secure, whereas the Green indication there shown that the password you entered is secure and safe. Mix the password characters with letters, symbols and variant characters. You can collect exact details from the Outlook mail customer service help center support page which can be best outlook mail customer support helpline for users.

Outlook Mail Customer Support Help Two Step Verification

Meanwhile, if you want to boost email security to a next level, then we say configure the two step verification system which utterly helps to keeps your mailing from vulnerabilities. Usually the account hacking was happened by cracking the passwords. But, by configuring the two-step verification system, one can access the account after entering the verification code received on the Mobile number after the User-Id and password.

Similar to the password, we also want to say you to secure your outlook mail by avoiding the presence of spam mails. If you received any spam mails, please move and mark it to the junk folder to avoid further consequences with that. The spam emails are literarily arriving to ones email account, because of the subscription with web pages (OR) when the users post their email IDs to forums, social timelines, etc. In order to avoid further consequences, we are suggesting for using the ‘Sweep’ function to wipe-out the malicious email links from the email inbox if need to many other verification points then contact on outlook mail technical support helpline provided by outlook.

If you need any online Outlook mail customer service to solving technical issues then users easily connect with outlook support helpline offer by microsoft just find there all solution of technical issues occurs.